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The SEPTA system now has 95 elevators at Regional Rail and Subway Stations and multi-modal transportation centers. Every effort is made to keep all station elevators operational, but in the event of a temporary outage, SEPTA wants riders to know about their travel alternatives if they are trying to enter or exit the system.

Customers should check System Status regularly for updates or changes to service.

The following list provides recommended travel alternatives for each accessible SEPTA station with elevators. The directions have been tested for usability by riders with mobility concerns and those who use wheelchairs; and they offer recommended travel options if an elevator is listed on the Elevator Outage page of the SEPTA website or is posted on the Elevator Outage Hotline 1-877-SEPTA4U. Customers should always consult one of these travel advisory services before beginning a trip on SEPTA to ensure they have current system condition information.

For the majority of stations, and depending on the direction of travel, customers will have two options in the event of an elevator outage.

Ride to the station before or after the preferred stop to access an elevator at the intended destination station.

On the Broad Street Subway Line, some stations, even if not accessible to exit, have center platforms that serve Express and Local trains, which can be used to transfer for an alternate travel direction.

On the Market Frankford Subway/Elevated Line, some stations are designated as 'A' or 'B' stops, during weekday, AM/PM peak hours and will only be served by 'A' or 'B' service trains.

At selected stations some elevators are operated and maintained by the City of Philadelphia.

All SEPTA stations with elevators are located within two blocks of a bus route, many stations have direct service, and all SEPTA buses are accessible. Customers may use SEPTA bus service to begin or complete their trip.

If this option is selected, please remember to request an Emergency Transfer from the Station Cashier or Bus Operator to avoid having to pay an additional fare. Planned construction projects may require SEPTA Bus routes to operate along a detour route, so it is always best to check the SEPTA website or call Customer Service (215-580-7800) first.

Customers using mobility devices and wheelchair users may wish to board the first car when traveling on the Market Frankford Line or Broad Street Subway, and Regional Rail Lines. This may be helpful to communicate with the Train Operator if a bridge plate is required to board/exit, a service animal is used as well as a wheelchair, or in the event of an emergency.