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Special Assistance

Assistance by SEPTA Personnel

When requested, SEPTA employees will assist you to the best of their physical ability. Employees can help provide lateral movement, guidance and traction if your wheels are slipping. SEPTA employees will not carry or lift you, your mobility device, or any additional baggage you may have. SEPTA personnel are permitted to assist you with fare payment.

Operators make every effort to curb buses and deploy ramps to the sidewalk. However, this may not always be possible. If the angle of the ramp is steep, the operator has been trained to assist your boarding by guiding you up the ramp and/or applying weight on your handles to assist you with traction.

Wheelchair Strollers

Wheelchair strollers are medical mobility devices. SEPTA has a voluntary tag program designed to facilitate using the SEPTA system with a child with a disability who uses a wheelchair stroller. Operators are trained to look for a special tag provided by SEPTA that is attached to the wheelchair stroller, promptly deploy the ramp or lift so the wheelchair stroller can board, and secure the stroller in the vehicle's wheelchair area.

Electric Balancing Scooters (Segways) used as Medical Mobility Devices

Customers with disabilities who use an electric balancing scooter as a medical mobility device may travel on designated SEPTA modes with this device at any time, upon presentation of Pennsylvania Reduced Fare Card. Such travel is subject to the following conditions:

Device must be turned off or in Power Assist mode while boarding, exiting or while on board vehicle.

Riding, sitting or standing on device while on vehicle is prohibited.

May not ride device while in station, terminal or other SEPTA facility, or on platform.

Device must be safely and securely stowed while on vehicle

Read SEPTA's policy on Segway use

Service Animals

Trained service animals of all kinds ride SEPTA free of charge. When using SEPTA or within SEPTA facilities, service animals must be leashed and under the owner's control.

If you use a service animal AND a wheelchair, tell your SEPTA operator how your animal has been trained to board (before, after, or with you). Please remember to be careful with its paws and tail when using lifts.

Please don't ask our operators to take your animal's leash. SEPTA personnel are prohibited from taking service animals' leashes or harnesses, or interfering with the duties of service animals in any way.

For policies, tips and training session information, visit our Service Animals page.