Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Station Accessibility

Accessible Stations

Accessible stations are identified by a wheelchair symbol next to the station's name on all web schedules, printed timetables and system maps.

Elevator Status

SEPTA offers several ways of verifying whether an elevator you need is operational, both during and before you travel.

Elevator Hotline
Our toll-free, 24-hour elevator status number is 877-SEPTA4U (877-737-8248). This hotline is updated immediately when changes occur. If an elevator outage is occurring at your station, please refer to the Alternate Accessible Service list for other travel options.

This Website
Visit the Elevator Outages listing.

Customer Service
Call Customer Service at (215) 580-7800 to verify the service status of any elevator.

Subway Cashier Booth Announcement Boards
Posted in the cashier booth of each subway station, check the announcement board to confirm the status of elevators within the SEPTA Subway system. The announcement board is updated immediately when changes occur.

If a SEPTA elevator is out of service for repair, a sign advising customers will be posted on each floor of the elevator.

The SEPTA system experiences minimal elevator outages and most are corrected within 24 hours. However, should you encounter a malfunctioning elevator, please ask for assistance. SEPTA personnel will do all they can to assist you in completing your trip.

Non-SEPTA Elevators
SEPTA does not own or maintain the elevators listed below. However, as a courtesy to our customers, the Customer Service Call Center will contact the owners of non-SEPTA elevators when a problem is reported.

City of Philadelphia elevators at 15th & Locust Street

AMTRAK 30th Street Station concourse to street elevators

AMTRAK North Philadelphia Station elevators

NJ Transit Trenton Transit Center elevators

DART Wilmington Station elevators

Elevators at the Gallery Shopping Mall and Pennsylvania Convention Center

Bridge Plates | Regional Rail

In accordance with federal regulations, all SEPTA's accessible stations are designed to minimize the car to platform gap. In addition, as an extra customer service measure, SEPTA makes bridgeplates (portable ramps) available upon request in each accessible Regional Rail station. (Non-accessible stations are not equipped with bridgeplates.) If you need to use a bridgeplate to board the train, here's how:

Wait where you can be seen, on the mini-high platform if one is available, or at the center of the platform.

When the train arrives, notify the conductor that you need to use the bridgeplate to board.

The conductor will deploy the bridgeplate for you to board. Tell him/her where you plan to get off and they will deploy the bridgeplate at that station for you to exit the car.