Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Riding Tips

Wheelchair users can board vehicles facing forward or backward. It's your choice.

Standees can request to use ramps or lifts for boarding or exiting.

Wheelchair strollers are wheelchairs. They should be boarded using the ramp or lift, and must ride secured and in the wheelchair area. To speed your boarding, please tell the operator, "this is a wheelchair stroller - please put down the lift or ramp".

Priority seating is designated on all SEPTA vehicles by a decal indicating priority seats for persons with disabilities. On buses, two priority seats flip up to accommodate two wheelchairs, scooters, or wheelchair strollers. The operator will ask a rider to change seats if they are occupying a priority seat, but under ADA, other riders cannot be required to vacate these seats.

Seat belts should be on your chair and we ask you to please use them when riding on SEPTA vehicles. You will need this safety device when using the ramp to exit a low-floor bus.

Chair securement features and knowing where to secure your chair are important so you can tell the bus operator. The operator may ask you, "Where do you want this secured?" To speed your service, please consider marking securement points with colored tape or equipping your chair with easy-tie down straps if you don't already have these.

Stop announcements are made on subway cars and SEPTA buses. On any bus not equipped with a stop announcement system, or if the equipment has malfunctioned, the operator must announce major stops, transfer points, and sites of interest; rail and trolley personnel must also announce stops.

If you cannot be transported, due to unavailable seating or lift malfunction, or you encounter a problem while alighting, the bus operator must issue a free ECT (Emergency Continuance Ticket) to you and any aides and contact the Control Center to report the incident or problem.