Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties

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Route Identifier Kits
If you have a visual impairment and find it difficult to identify routes or stops, SEPTA offers a route identifier kit consisting of a 4x7 inch holder for displaying the bus route number you wish to ride and sets of numbers in large type and Braille. Operators have been instructed to look for customers with route identifiers, stop close to the customer, and call out the route number. To request a Route Identifier Kit call 215-580-7145.

Stop Assistance Cards
These free cards request the help of SEPTA personnel in ensuring that you get off at the correct stop and can be used throughout our bus, subway, trolley, and Regional Rail system. To request a supply of Stop Assistance Cards call 215-580-7145 (TDD/TTY 215-580-7712).

Text Schedules on the Web
Text only versions of bus, subway, trolley, and Regional Rail schedules are available for customers who use screen readers.

ADA Access Link
Fixed Route service customers with access related concerns or service commendations may speak to a Customer Service Representative by calling 215-580-7810. All travel related questions should be directed to 215-580-7800.

Travel Advisories
Information about unanticipated service interruptions, planned route and service alterations, construction activity, and accessibility updates are available on our System Status page, accessible by clicking on the blue "eye" icon at the bottom left-hand of each page on this site. You can also call SEPTA Customer Service at 215-580-7800.