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Customized Twitter Service Feeds

Twitter is just one of the convenient tools available to customers to check the status of service on the SEPTA system. We are now offering enhanced access to real time information with the option to customize your SEPTA Twitter feeds.

For example, if you're only interested following the Route 10 Trolley, or the Norristown High Speed Line, or the Trenton Regional Rail Line, you can select those specific routes. There is also a separate feed for buses. With the number of routes that we operate, the most practical way to follow is to show service modifications for all buses in one posting. Of course if you want to keep tabs on the whole system, you can continue to receive ALL service Tweets.

Build your own customized SEPTA service feed by selecting one or more to follow:

Service Mode Route SEPTA Twitter Account
Bus All @SEPTA_Bus
Trolley 10 @SEPTA_TRL_10
Trolley 11 @SEPTA_TRL_11
Trolley 13 @SEPTA_TRL_13
Trolley 15 @SEPTA_TRL_15
Trolley 34 @SEPTA_TRL_34
Trolley 36 @SEPTA_TRL_36
Trolley 101 @SEPTA_TRL_101
Trolley 102 @SEPTA_TRL_102
Regional Rail Airport Line @SEPTA_AIR
Regional Rail Chestnut Hill East @SEPTA_CHE
Regional Rail Chestnut Hill West @SEPTA_CHW
Regional Rail Cynwyd @SEPTA_CYN
Regional Rail Fox Chase @SEPTA_FOX
Regional Rail Lansdale/Doylestown @SEPTA_DOY
Regional Rail Manayunk/Norristown @SEPTA_NOR
Regional Rail Media/Elwyn @SEPTA_ELW
Regional Rail Paoli/Thorndale @SEPTA_PAO
Regional Rail Trenton @SEPTA_TRE
Regional Rail Warminster @SEPTA_WAR
Regional Rail West Trenton @SEPTA_WTR
Regional Rail Wilmington/Newark @SEPTA_WIL
High Speed Subway Market-Frankford Line @SEPTA_MFL
High Speed Subway Broad Street Line @SEPTA_BSL
High Speed Subway Norristown High Speed Line @SEPTA_NHSL
All SEPTA Services @SEPTA
Information and Inquiries @SEPTA_SOCIAL
SEPTA Key Inquiries @SEPTAKey
Safety tips and information @SEPTASafety


Don't forget to "unfollow" @SEPTA if you only want to receive selected service Tweets.

@SEPTA_SOCIAL is the SEPTA twitter account for interactive conversation for customer service, inquiries and recognition.

Please also check with your service provider if you have any questions about your wireless data rate plan (if you customize your SEPTA Twitter feeds). We're also making these changes for the SEPTA information posted on ReadyPhiladelphia, so you will be able to sign up to receive mode/line specific messages from this service as well.