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MARKET-FRANKFORD LINE | 60th Street Station
Victor Johnson & David Stephens
  Reflections on 7 Steps to Heaven 2008

Reflections on 7 Steps to Heaven expresses the possibilities for the future of this community by using images from its past and present. The 60th & Market Street corridors were then, as now, commercial and cultural hubs around which stores, clubs, dance halls, and small entertainment and cultural enterprises such as music and dance studios thrived. The two, 7' by 70' painted steel panels, incorporate a patchwork pattern reminiscent of American quilts with images showing the past ethnic, cultural and economic texture and diversity of this community along with reflections from today. The word "Reflections" and the "Seven Steps to Heaven" refer respectively to Thelonious Monk and Miles Davis compositions that are emblematic of the vibrancy of the period.