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BUS | Cheltenham-Ogontz Bus Loop
Nancy Blum
  Enliven 2012

Enliven is a 40 foot long steel and resin sculpture created for the Cheltenham and Ogontz Bus Loop, located along two major thoroughfares bridging Philadelphia and Cheltenham Township. "Planted" in a plot of land designed to capture rainwater runoff, the sculpture presents a whimsical floral element - part wildflower/part windmill - symbolizing growth and the power of natural elements to sustain and renew life. The translucent quality of the resin petals, in shades of yellow and orange are heightened by the play of light at varying times of the day and times of the year, bringing warmth and beauty to the site. The meandering line of perennial blossoms and vines adds a moment of playful excitement as passersby - SEPTA customers, people passing in cars, or pedestrians on Cheltenham and Ogontz Avenues encounter the sculpture.