"With Compass, I can sell discounted passes directly to our employees. That's good for their bottom line."
-HR Manager

Welcome to ComPass, exclusively provided by SEPTA.

With ComPass, employees save 10% on SEPTA monthly passes that are delivered to the worksite for easy distribution. SEPTA provides a 5% discount and the company must match that discount to make a total of 10% off the face value of a SEPTA monthly pass.

SEPTA delivers the passes to your company in time to distribute them to employees. Your employees will appreciate this convenience and the entire amount of their monthly pass can come out of their pay pre-tax for an additional savings.

To join the ComPass program, contact us.

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The new SEPTA Key Partner Program is for companies and organizations that currently purchase SEPTA legacy Passes each month for their employees through the SEPTA ComPass program. To learn more and submit your application to join the Partner Program please visit: https://www.septakey.org/partner-program/get-started