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Cash, Tokens, Transfers

When riding on a City or Suburban Transit service, exact fare must be used. On Regional Rail, the Conductor will make change for a cash sale but please remember, the on-board fare is higher than the cost of a pre-purchased fare.


TRANSIT: (For all bus, trackless trolley, subway, and trolley) $2.50. Exact Cash Fare ONLY - Operators and Cashiers will not make change.


REGIONAL RAIL: Fares are based on zones. Knowing the zone of the station you are boarding and traveling to will help you determine the correct fare. Refer to the SEPTA Regional Rail System and Zones map. Cash not accepted for PM Weekday travel (Monday-Friday 3:00 - 7:00 p.m.) from Temple, Jefferson, Suburban, 30th St, or University City. Effective July 8, 2019, $50/$100 bills no longer accepted for on board cash sales. $20.00 is the largest denomination that will be accepted.

Tokens and Transfers


Tokens are no longer available for purchase as part of the full transition to the SEPTA Key fare program.

Please visit to learn about the SEPTA Key Card, and the Travel Wallet feature.

SEPTA Key Cards are available at over 500 locations. For a complete list of SEPTA kiosks and Key sales locations, please visit the Sales Locations Page.

CCT customers can continue to buy Tokens at SEPTA Transit Sales Offices by presenting their current CCT Card at the time of purchase.

Customers can continue to use Tokens to pay for travel on bus, subway, trolley, and trackless trolley.


Customers must have a SEPTA Key Card with money loaded on the Travel Wallet to pay for and use a transfer ($1.00). Customers eligible for the Reduced Fare program must have a SEPTA Key Reduced Fare Card with money loaded on the Travel Wallet to pay for and use a transfer ($.50). Read more

Fare Interchanges

There are three locations where customers may transfer between services. Signs and announcements often refer to this as a free interchange.

  • 30th Street provides a free interchange between the Market-Frankford Line and Trolley Lines

Up to two transfers are permitted for each one-way trip, and transfers are not permitted on trips near the trip's origin


PATCO has created a new card called the FREEDOM SHARE Card that can be used on SEPTA Transit as well as PATCO services. The cards are not valid for use on Regional Rail but can be tapped at the Validator to pay for trips on all other SEPTA routes. Please note that the cost of each trip on SEPTA using the FREEDOM SHARE Card, including transfers, is $2.00. PATCO customers who frequently transfer between SEPTA routes can purchase a Key Card and pay for their travel using Travel Wallet funds. The Key Card is the only option that offers the $1.00 transfer fare when tapping for a valid transfer. Cash may also be used ($2.50 - exact fare only). The new Freedom Share Card replaces the old paper cards.