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It's Important That if You See Something, Say Something:

A steady vigilance keeps the SEPTA system safe.

The Transit Police are constantly monitoring to prevent, deter, detect and respond to any suspicious acts that may prevent SEPTA from moving the region.

However, our customers play a vital role in helping identify suspicion. Become familiar with the characteristics and keep alert to any objects or people which could potentially cause more harm than good.

A Suspicious Person is Someone Who is:

In an unauthorized area

In the wrong place or appears lost

Loitering and/or watching customers or employees

Acting in a disorderly manner that alarms or disturbs others

On SEPTA property without proper identification

Expressing an unusual level of interest in operations, equipment, personnel or facilities

Suspicious Items

Unattended boxes, packages, or cases

Tanks or bottles of chemicals

Notes or messages attached to suspicious packages

Unidentified mist, gas, vapor or odor

Liquids appearing to be leaking or seeping from suspicious items

Visibly dangerous weapons


Call the Transit Police (215) 580-8111 or dial 911

Take note of the location of the unattended package

Be able to provide a description of any potential persons involved

Avoid approaching persons who appear outwardly dangerous or threatening

Refrain from using any cellular or radio device within 50 feet of a suspicious item

Together we can work together to help keep SEPTA safe for everyone.