Resource Management

Goal Statement & Strategies

Goal Statement

To Implement Best Management Practices that Ensure SEPTA Remains a Sustainable, High-Performance, Outcome-Driven Agency

Key Performance Indicators
Carbon Footprint

Sum of energy consumption times emissions factor divided by passenger miles traveled

Waste Diversion Rate (Recycling)

Tons of municipal waste recycled divided by the sum of municipal landfilled and recycled waste

Material Availability Indicator

Average monthly vehicles out of service to do lack of materials in stock (Bus Fleet)


The above graph shows the number of days (or variance to goal) to execute the purchase or acquisition of goods, materials, and services for contracts $0 - $25K. Click here to view additional procurement graphs

Financial Efficiency

Goal Statement & Strategies

Goal Statement

To Responsibly Manage Resources in a Way that Provides Requisite Budget Stability to Grow the System

  • Grow New Ridership Markets
  • Partner on Congestion Mitigation Initiatives
  • Ensure Long-Term Stability of Operating Budget
  • Pursue Utility Cost Reductions
  • Invest in Cost-Effective Service Capacity Enhancements
  • Find Cost-Savings from Process Efficiencies
  • Identify New Sources of Non-Fare Based Revenue
Key Performance Indicators
Trips Per Capita

Trips on SEPTA per resident of Southeastern Pennsylvania

Operating Expenses per Trip

Cost per trip vs. industry and regional cost benchmarks