The Customer Experience

Goal Statement & Strategies

Goal Statement

To Provide Best-in-Class Transportation Services that Meet or Exceed Customer Expectations

  • Refine Customer & Employee Feedback Loops
  • Build a Customer Service Culture
  • Upgrade Communications Platforms
  • Nurture Stakeholder Relationships
  • Refresh SEPTA Brand
  • Implement & Leverage New Payment Technologies (NPT) Platform
Key Performance Indicators
Commendations to Complaints:

Sum of commendations divided by sum of complaints

Service Reliability:

The above graph shows the percentage on-time for Bus and Trolley Bus operation Click here to view the percentage on-time for other SEPTA vehicles

Communication Activity Index:

Sum of Control Center tweets, mobile app downloads, Facebook "Likes" and @SEPTA_Social activity

Uptime of IT Systems

Percentage of time website and API are available for customer use

Employee Growth

Goal Statement & Strategies

Goal Statement

To Attract, Develop and Retain a Diverse, Healthy and Versatile Workforce

  • Develop Targeted Employee Recruitment Efforts
  • Establish Diversity, Safety & Customer Service as Underlying Principles
  • Implement Comprehensive Suite of Talent Management Resources
  • Expand Employee Wellness Programs
  • Promote a Culture of Volunteerism
Key Performance Indicators
Women & Minority Hiring Efforts:

Proportionate increase in women and minority participation in management and professional ranks