We're celebrating this year's Earth Day by highlighting some of the things SEPTA accomplished as part of our corporate Sustainability program in 2015. Just scroll down to check out some of our accomplishments by the numbers. Click on the images below to get an idea of what the future looks like here at SEPTA.

Just by riding a SEPTA Bus, Train, or Trolley YOU are helping the environment in our region.


The number of farmers markets hosted at SEPTA stations in 2015. More than 50 markets can be accessed by SEPTA buses, trains and trolleys.


The number of trees planted at SEPTA project locations in 2015. Trees provide shade to surrounding areas, which helps reduce what is known as urban heat island effect. Trees also help minimize stormwater runoff.


The number of gallons of fuel SEPTA has saved since 2007. SEPTA's significant fuel consumption reduction is due to hybrid-electric buses replacing aging diesel buses.


The number of hybrid-electric buses in SEPTA's bus fleet. Hybrid buses are 30-40 percent more fuel efficient than their standard diesel counterpart.


The number of Broad Street Line cars that will be upgraded with LED lights. Once all of the incandescent lights on the Broad Street Line cars are replaced with LEDs, SEPTA will reduce energy consumption and save over $52,000 a year.

In 2014, we'll recycle much more


The number of tons of plastic, paper, aluminum and wood recycled in 2015.


The number of SEPTA employees who volunteered in the 2015 Philly Spring Clean Up.